Start accepting payments on WooCommerce

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Connecting StripeHow to connect a Stripe account to WooCommerce
Connecting PayPalHow to connect a PayPal business account to accept payments on your WooCommerce store
Connecting SquareHow to connect Square to a WooCommerce store
Connecting Authorize.netHow to connect to WooCommerce to accept card and bank payments
Connecting GoDaddy Payments (Poynt)Connect a GoDaddy Payments (Poynt) account to start accepting payments on your WooCommerce store
Connecting Amazon PayHow to connect your Amazon Pay account to accept payments on WooCommerce
About our service feeWhy does PeachPay charge a service fee?
How to enable payment methods in WooCommerceEnable or disable payment methods for a payment processor in PeachPay for WooCommerce
Enabling 3D Secure for Stripe to combat bot attacksStrengthening security: Enabling 3D Secure for Stripe with PeachPay
Payment method configurationsWith PeachPay, you can enable various settings for payment methods to change their behavior or appearance
Apple Pay requirementsIs Apple Pay not showing? Here are some reasons why.
Google Pay RequirementsEnabling Google Pay on Express Checkout
Try payments before going live with Test ModeWant to make sure your Stripe and Paypal are set up properly? Read this article to see how to use our built in Test Mode.
How to fix "There are no payment methods available"Having issue "There are no payment methods available" on PeachPay Checkout even payment options are enabled.
How do I export payment data?
Can I use PeachPay without a Stripe account?
Does PeachPay have instant payouts?
Does PeachPay offer a zero-fraud guarantee?
How do refunds work with PeachPay?
Are my customers charged fees for a refund?
Does PeachPay accept all credit cards?
Where can I view the orders placed with PeachPay?
How will I get paid with PeachPay?
Can I use PeachPay alongside other Payment methods?