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Apple Pay requirements
Apple Pay requirements

Is Apple Pay not showing? Here are some reasons why.

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PeachPay offers Apple Pay through both Stripe and Square.

After setting up one of those, you may notice that Apple Pay doesn't appear in the checkout. This is because there are several requirements for Apple Pay to show up.

  • Only Safari will show Apple Pay. It will not show in browsers like Chrome or Firefox

  • For Safari on Mac, the Mac must be running macOS Sierra or later

  • For Safari on iOS, the device must be running iOS 10.1 or later

  • The shopper needs to be logged in to an Apple account

  • The shopper needs to have a valid card saved in Apple Pay

If it's still not showing, and you've double checked that it's enabled in our settings and there is no error, contact us and we'll help you get it set up.

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