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Connecting PayPal
Connecting PayPal

How to connect a PayPal business account to accept payments on your WooCommerce store

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Getting started

PeachPay simplifies the process of connecting your existing PayPal business account, ensuring a seamless experience with just a few clicks.

Check out the PayPal documentation on personal versus business accounts for clarity on what kind of PayPal accounts you can connect to PeachPay. PeachPay only supports business accounts as of now.

If you're transitioning from another PayPal plugin, rest assured that PeachPay guarantees uninterrupted payouts once connected, allowing you to receive funds as usual.

Steps to Connect your PayPal account

1. Navigate to the PayPal tab of the Payments settings.

2. Click Connect PayPal

3. The button will redirect you to PayPal’s website, prompting you to connect your PayPal business account. Enter the email and password for your account.

4. Once you have connected your PayPal business account, the website will redirect you back to PeachPay's settings dashboard, and you should see the following prompt:

Your PayPal account is connected! ✅

Test mode

If the "test mode" setting is enabled, the PayPal payment method options will only be visible to a logged-in WordPress admin. This setup allows you to see how PeachPay's PayPal integration looks without affecting live customers.

Currently, there will be a default account connected in sandbox, so you will not be able to connect a sandbox account of your own. If connecting your own sandbox account is something you're interested in, contact [email protected] or chat with us using the chat bubble on this page!

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