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Connecting Square
Connecting Square

How to connect Square to a WooCommerce store

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Getting started

PeachPay simplifies the integration process by allowing you to connect your existing Square account with just a few clicks. Whether you're a current Square user or considering a transition from another payment method, PeachPay ensures a smooth experience. If you're migrating from another plugin, rest assured that once connected, PeachPay guarantees seamless transactions, providing a hassle-free transition and allowing you to continue processing your Square payments as usual.

Connecting a live account

1. Navigate to Square in the PeachPay Payments settings.

2. Click Connect Square.

3. Log in to your Square account, or create a new one.

4. After logging in or creating the account, you'll be asked to give PeachPay access to your Square account. Click Allow.

5. Once you have connected your Square account, the website will redirect you back to PeachPay's settings dashboard, and you should see:

Your Square account is connected! โœ…

Connecting a sandbox account in test mode

2. Navigate to the Developer Dashboard and create a sandbox test account.

3. Open the sandbox account's dashboard, and while keeping it open in another tab, click the button in PeachPay to connect a sandbox square account.

4. You should see the a permissions screen similar to the one below.

5. You'll be redirected back and should see a similar message below about the sandbox account being connected.

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