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Redeeming DealMirror coupon codes
Redeeming DealMirror coupon codes

How to redeem your DealMirror lifetime deal for PeachPay Premium.

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What is DealMirror?

PeachPay is offering a promotion on DealMirror where you can get PeachPay Premium forever for a one time payment.

Redeeming the coupon code

After you receive the coupon code from DealMirror, here is how you can redeem it.

  1. Install and activate PeachPay for WooCommerce.

  2. After activating, you'll be taken to the PeachPay dashboard. Click Get Premium in the banner. If you've had PeachPay for a while, the banner might not be there, so instead you can click Get Premium in the top right.

  3. A small window will appear. Click Continue here, next to Have a coupon code?

  4. Enter the coupon code.

  5. After submitting the coupon code, you'll end up at the PeachPay dashboard with with Premium enabled.

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