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Redeeming coupon codes for testing PeachPay Premium
Redeeming coupon codes for testing PeachPay Premium

If we’ve sent you a coupon code for testing the Premium version of the plugin, here’s how you can redeem it.

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Here’s how you can redeem your Premium coupon code so that you can get PeachPay Premium for testing purposes. Each code will only work once.

If you're interested in getting one, book a call with our team or send us a message in the chat.

  1. Install and activate PeachPay.

  2. It should take you to the PeachPay dashboard. Click Get Premium in the banner. If you've already had PeachPay for a while, the banner might not be there, so you can click Get Premium in the top right.

  3. A small window will appear. Click Continue here, next to Have a coupon code?

  4. Enter the coupon code.

  5. You will end up at the PeachPay dashboard with with Premium enabled.

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