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What is PeachPay for WooCommerce?
What is PeachPay for WooCommerce?

What is PeachPay? How can it make your WooCommerce checkout like Shopify?

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When setting up a WooCommerce store, there is a lot to think about — how to set up your products, what payment methods to offer, the look of the store. It can certainly be overwhelming for an individual setting up their store, and it can be a complex process for those setting up client stores.

When there is so much to consider, the checkout page may not get the attention it deserves. However, it is a critical part of any ecommerce store. A good checkout is the key to converting shoppers when they're ready to buy.

Online shoppers expect a lot of convenience out of their online checkouts these days. They don't want to fill in more information than necessary and want the whole checkout process to be simple and quick.

How do you set up a smooth, optimized checkout on WooCommerce?

When you need to consider everything from checkout fields to payment methods and upsells during the checkout process, it requires a lot of research of different WooCommerce extensions, then trying them out, and resolving conflicts between them.

That's where PeachPay comes in to save you time and effort.

PeachPay is an all-in-one payments and checkout plugin for WooCommerce stores.

With PeachPay, you no longer need to find separate plugins for

  • editing, adding, or removing checkout and address fields

  • making fields required

  • making fields optional

  • upsells during the checkout and after purchase (order bumps)

  • adding each payment gateway

  • protecting your checkout from spam and fraudulent payment attempts

  • autocompleting the shopper's addresses as they type

  • converting between different currencies

  • controlling when certain payment methods show (conditional payment methods)

  • offering a way to buy from the product page

  • tracking cart abandonment analytics

PeachPay also adds an optional Express Checkout that makes it more like Shopify. It's clean, smooth, and looks good no matter the theme.

All of it can be modified without code, so it can save you a lot of time in setting up the perfect checkout.

What PeachPay adds to your store

  1. Payment methods and configurations for the WooCommerce checkout page

  2. Express Checkout

  3. Currency Switcher

  4. Field Editor

  5. Product Recommendations

  6. Analytics

  7. Bot Protection

  8. Address Autocomplete

  9. Order Export

Payment methods and configurations

In an ordinary WordPress store, a merchant would need to install separate plugins for each payment method they wish to offer in their checkout section. With PeachPay, numerous payment methods are integrated into the checkout with one click. The following payment methods are supported by PeachPay: Stripe, Square, PayPal,, Amazon Pay, and purchase orders. Even though PeachPay offers various payment methods, these can be enabled or disabled depending on a merchant’s preferences.

When payment methods are enabled, they will appear on the WooCommerce checkout page alongside any other payment plugins that you have installed. PeachPay can cohabitate a checkout with other payment solutions and plugins without any issues. If your store includes an Express Checkout, your PeachPay payment plugins will also be available for use there.

Even though PeachPay centralizes payment methods, it has high customization options so that it can adapt to the merchant’s store and niche. Various additional configurations are available to enable this customization. Here are some (but not all) of the customizable features within PeachPay:

  • The minimum and maximum cart amounts for when the payment method appears

  • Country and currency purchase restrictions

  • Authorization payment options to ensure proper payments for products (such as credit and debit cards)

  • Statement descriptor

PeachPay believes in consumer accessibility and niche of the merchant, which is why we offer expansive customizability of our plugin.

Express Checkout

One of PeachPay’s most notable features is the Express Checkout option, which allows shoppers to check out from anywhere within the store with one button. This helps limit the amount of abandoned carts in an online store. The checkout button can be available on all product pages, cart page, sidebar cart, and checkout page. The button can be customized, as well as its fields. More importantly, it applies a one-click checkout for all returning shoppers.

Currency Switcher

A currency switcher automatically detects the geo-location IP of a customer and the country from which they are browsing your store. When any page from a store loads, the currency switcher extension displays all prices in the home currency of the customer. PeachPay supports over 135 currencies, as well as other essential features related to currency which can be found here.

Field Editor

PeachPay’s customizability is especially evident through its field editor capabilities. A website field is a single item of data contained in a column within a database or software program (which would be a category like customer name, address, or phone number within a merchant’s checkout section). PeachPay allows the merchant to add, edit, or remove any field on the checkout page or in PeachPay’s Express Checkout window without any coding skills, as well as the following functions:

  • Adjusts billing and shipping fields independently

  • Modifies field name

  • Increases or decreases the width of each field

  • Requires or makes fields optional

  • Disables fields that are not in use

  • Changes field types based on need: text, select (drop-down menu), radio (bubble selection), phone, email, or checkbox

  • Adds headers to create new section

  • Automatically pulls in fields from other popular field editors for simple transitions

More information related to the field editor can be found here, with detailed tutorials on how to adjust and personalize fields with ease.

Product Recommendations

Through PeachPay, the merchant has the option to display recommended products underneath product pages. The recommended products are related to the merchant’s product on the page, and are based on the product’s tags, category, and other attributes.

Abandoned Cart Analytics

All great merchants analyze their shoppers’ activity and purchase behavior. Understanding how shoppers purchase and prefer to pay enables merchants to optimize sales within their store. PeachPay analyzes the following data:

  • Breakdown of payment methods to see which products are most popular

  • Frequency of browsing and purchases on mobile devices or desktop

  • Tracking of abandoned carts and lost sales

Bot Protection

The integration of Google reCAPTCHA v3 through PeachPay's Bot Protection provides an effective solution to counter fraudulent activities and spam during the checkout process of your online store. By leveraging the power of advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, this feature operates discreetly to identify and thwart bots attempting to manipulate your checkout system. Unlike traditional CAPTCHAs, there are no user-facing puzzles, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted checkout experience for legitimate customers.

To implement this security measure, you'll need to obtain API keys from Google reCAPTCHA v3. These API keys are free and easily attainable. A step-by-step guide is available to assist you through the setup process, making integration straightforward and hassle-free.

By incorporating Bot Protection into your checkout, you not only safeguard your business from payment fraud and maintain a secure shopping environment but also protect your reputation with payment providers. This proactive approach signifies your commitment to security and builds trust with customers and partners alike. Whether it's blocking fake credit card attacks or preventing spam, Bot Protection offers comprehensive coverage to ensure a secure transaction process throughout your online store.

Address Autocomplete

Your customers can receive suggestions for their address while typing it in. No API keys or accounts are needed. This feature is powered by Google Maps and can work both during regular checkout and our Express Checkout. You can choose where it appears or turn it off if preferred. It's even okay if the checkout doesn't have all the address fields – it still works. This feature also works for addresses around the world. Most importantly, it helps your customers finish the checkout much faster by suggesting addresses as they type.

Order Export

PeachPay adds the ability to export orders to CSV from the WooCommerce order dashboard.


By using PeachPay, as an individual you can save lots of time by using our integrated checkout and payments solution rather than searching for separate plugins. Whether you're working for an agency or making your own store, not having to research, test, and pay for separate plugins saves not only time, but money too.

When your checkout is optimized, you or your client's store also earns more, which means higher revenues and happier shoppers.

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