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Agency Plan: How to get started
Agency Plan: How to get started

Here's how to redeem your Agency Plan coupon code after you've had a call with us.

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If you bought an Agency Plan from DealMirror, use this guide instead.

PeachPay offers an Agency Plan which gives you a 30% discount per site if you're planning to use PeachPay on multiple sites.

How the process works

  1. You have a brief call with our team so we can understand your needs, to ensure that once you go live with PeachPay on all your stores, you have the best possible experience.

  2. We'll send over a coupon code that you can use on all the stores you upgrade to Premium.

Redeeming the coupon code

  1. Install and activate PeachPay.

  2. From the PeachPay dashboard, click Get Premium.

  3. Choose either monthly or yearly payments.

    1. Don't choose the coupon code option β€” the Agency Plan discount will be applied on the next page.

  4. From the PeachPay Premium purchase page, click Add promotion code.

  5. After it's applied, you should see a 30% discount off the total price.

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