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Giving PeachPay Support WooCommerce permission
Giving PeachPay Support WooCommerce permission
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If you're reading this, you may have been asked by our support team to give us WooCommerce permissions so that we can further investigate the problem.

When we ask for read access to WooCommerce, we do this so we can have a list of installed plugins, store configuration, and other helpful clues that help us determine the cause of an issue, as the problems usually come from a plugin or configuration conflict.

Please follow these steps to provide us with the permission:

  1. Navigate to PeachPay β†’ Account β†’ Data

  2. Click Give access

  3. In the window that opens, click Approve

  4. You'll be redirected back to this settings page

There is no indication on this page if it's successful or not. This is because we're not able to retrieve that information from WooCommerce for security. However, rest assured that our support team now has the information they need to get closer to resolving your issue.

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