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Troubleshooting plugin conflicts
Troubleshooting plugin conflicts

PeachPay is not compatible with all plugins. Having issues using PeachPay make sure your plugins aren't causing the issue here!

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PeachPay is not compatible with every WordPress plugin. To view a list of compatible plugins visit our compatibility list here. If the plugins your site uses aren't on the list you may need to troubleshoot your plugins. This can be easily done using our plugin troubleshooting guide below.

Troubleshooting Your Site

  1. Install the Site Health & Troubleshooting plugin. Under Plugins > Installed Plugins activate the plugin.

  2. In the sidebar go to your Installed Plugins. There will now be a troubleshoot option in the plugin list. Select Troubleshoot for the PeachPay Plugin.

  3. Enable the plugins that are mandatory for your site and shop to function. In the example below WooCommerce and WooCommerce Blocks were enabled. WooCommerce Payments still needs to be enabled.

  4. Go to your product page and place an order. If you can successfully place an order turn on the other plugins one at a time until PeachPay stops working. When you encounter issues you can conclude that the plugin most recently enabled is causing the issue.

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