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Contacting PeachPay Support
Contacting PeachPay Support

Can't figure out PeachPay? Are troubleshooting steps not working? Reach out to the PeachPay support team. We are happy to help.

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Reaching out to PeachPay support

If your own troubleshooting doesn't solve the issue feel free to reach out to PeachPay support by emailing [email protected]

Please try to provide the following information when you reach out to us.

  • What PeachPay settings are you using? (Screenshots)

  • What WooCommerce settings are you using? (Screenshots)

  • Other plugins that may have similar functionality to what PeachPay provides. For example if you are using a currency switcher plugin with PeachPay issues can arise since PeachPay has a built-in currency switcher.

  • Order IDs, product IDs, and any other relevant ID for a specific transaction or occurrence

  • The time and date the issue happened

  • Other relevant screenshots and information

Also, make sure to keep your plugin activated in test mode. This allows us to troubleshoot the issue on our end. PeachPay will not show to customers while in test mode.

Canceling Premium

You can cancel PeachPay Premium from the Premium Portal in the PeachPay settings. The plugin needs to be installed for you to get there.

You can also cancel Premium by contacting us via the chat or emailing us at [email protected]

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