PeachPay supports WordPress shortcodes for placing the PeachPay button in a specific location, page, post, or directly in a theme.

To use the PeachPay shortcode, add the snippet

[peachpay product_id=123]

where the number after product_id= is the id of the product you wish to show in the checkout window when a shopper clicks the PeachPay button. In our example above, we're showing a product with id of 123.

Where to find a product's ID

You can find a product's id by going to the WordPress dashboard > Products and hovering over the item you wish to show. The product id will display when you are hovering over it.

If it's a variable product, you'll have to choose one variation to show. Go to the WordPress dashboard > Products > The specific product you wish to show > Variations. Here you can see the id of a specific variation.

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