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Express Checkout
Express Checkout

Show a sleek checkout popup with more features than the WooCommerce checkout page

WordPress shortcode for Express CheckoutAdd the PeachPay Express Checkout button anywhere on a WooCommerce store using WordPress shortcodes.
Change how the Express Checkout button looksHow to set colors, text, effects, and icons for your Express Checkout button.
Elementor widget for Express CheckoutUsing Elementor? Learn how to place and customize an Express Checkout button anywhere on your WooCommerce store.
Customizing the Express Checkout button with WordPress filtersYou can use WordPress filters in PHP to customize PeachPay’s Express Checkout button.
Where will the Express Checkout button appear on my site?PeachPay's Express Checkout button can be shown on the product, cart, and other pages, allowing shoppers to buy from any page.
Does Express Checkout support the purchase of multiple products?
What happens when a customer clicks the Express Checkout button?
Can I use my logo in the Express Checkout?
I am using Google Ads or Facebook pixel trackers. Will PeachPay affect checkout tracking?
Does Express Checkout support WooCommerce coupon codes?
How does Express Checkout handle shipping options?
Express Checkout for WooCommerce demoWondering what PeachPay is like for your shoppers? Try out a purchase on our demo store
Adding custom styles and scripts to the Express Checkout windowYou can include custom CSS and JS files to style and change the behavior inside the Express Checkout iframe with a PHP snippet.
Turn off lazy loading for the Express CheckoutBy default, the Express Checkout is set to lazy load to improve initial page load speed. With a snippet, you can set it to load right away.