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Getting started with the Field Editor
Getting started with the Field Editor

See how to change billing, shipping, and additional fields without code

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PeachPay has a built in field editor to edit/add/delete shipping and additional fields from PeachPay and the default WooComerce checkout window.

Billing Fields / Shipping Fields / Additional Fields

Switch between a list of shipping, billing, and additional fields.

Add A New Field, Remove, Enable, And Disable Fields

Add a new field to both the PeachPay and default WooComerce checkout screens. When Add New Field or Edit is clicked on the editor will appear as shown below.

Under the Type category, you can choose between: text, select, radio, phone, email, and header. After selecting the Type fill out a name for the field, label, default value (if applicable), and width.

Below are examples of what the values above look like when enabled.




List Of Fields

Displays a list of current fields with the option to select multiple fields for mass removing, enabling, and disabling. Editing is also available per field.

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