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Connecting Amazon Pay
Connecting Amazon Pay

How to connect your Amazon Pay account to accept payments on WooCommerce

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Getting started

PeachPay simplifies the integration process by allowing you to effortlessly connect your existing Amazon Pay account with just a few clicks.

Whether you're a new Amazon Pay user or transitioning from another Amazon Pay plugin, PeachPay guarantees a seamless transition, allowing you to process your Amazon Pay payments with ease.

Steps to connect your Amazon Pay account

1. Navigate to the Amazon Pay section of the Payments

Arrow pointing to Amazon Pay in the PeachPay settings side navigation

2. Click Connect with Amazon

Clicking "Connect with Amazon" in the Amazon Pay settings of the PeachPay payment settings

3. Enter your business details to create a new merchant account, or use an existing account.

Screenshot of the Amazon merchant registration page on

4. Once you complete the sign up within Amazon, you’ll be redirected back to PeachPay settings and should see the Amazon account connected.

5. If you want to show Amazon Pay in the Express Checkout window, turn on the switch labeled Show Amazon Pay in the checkout window

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