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Enabling 3D Secure for Stripe to combat bot attacks
Enabling 3D Secure for Stripe to combat bot attacks

Strengthening security: Enabling 3D Secure for Stripe with PeachPay

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To safeguard online businesses against bot attacks and fraudulent activities, PeachPay offers the capability to force 3D Secure for Stripe card purchases. This article is a guide on how to activate this feature within the PeachPay settings and highlights the importance of 3D Secure in combating bot attacks.

Enabling 3D Secure for Stripe in PeachPay settings

1. Navigate to PeachPay Settings → Stripe → Set up (for the card payment method) 

2. Enable Force 3D Secure within the Stripe Card settings.

How 3D Secure helps prevent bot attacks

Bot attacks pose a significant threat to online businesses, particularly in payment processing. By enabling 3D Secure for Stripe, you can benefit from the following advantages:

1. Two-factor authentication: 3D Secure implements an additional verification step, such as a one-time password or biometric authentication, to authorize transactions. This reduces bot attempts to exploit payment gateways.

2. Enhanced transaction validation: With 3D Secure, customers are redirected to their card issuer's authentication page, ensuring an extra layer of validation for transactions. This protects businesses and customers alike.

3. Liability shift: Enabling 3D Secure shifts the liability for chargebacks in favor of the merchant if the transaction is successfully authenticated. This reduces financial burdens and acts as a deterrent for fraudsters.


Enabling 3D Secure for Stripe through the PeachPay settings allows your store to fight bot attacks and fraudulent activities effectively. By following the provided steps, your store can enhance the security of its payment processing, safeguard customer data, and minimize financial losses due to fraudulent transactions.

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