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About our service fee
About our service fee
Why does PeachPay charge a 1.5% service fee?
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As of May 2023, PeachPay is charging a 1.5% service fee for all payments made through Stripe. This applies to both Stripe in the native checkout and in our Express Checkout.

Do I make less money?

No, PeachPay charges the service fee to the shoppers, not the merchant. As a merchant, you won't pay anything additional.

Why did you start charging a service fee?

Up until now, PeachPay was free to use, but as a company it's not sustainable. We recently introduced a premium offering, and to continue offsetting the costs of providing the service, we've decided that we need to start charging a small fee per transaction, passed on to the shopper.


Please reach out to our support via the chat or [email protected] if you have questions or concerns.

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