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Connecting a payment processor
Connecting a payment processor

How to connect your Stripe, PayPal, Square, GoDaddy Poynt, Amazon Pay, or account to PeachPay

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Getting started

PeachPay lets you connect your existing Stripe, PayPal, Square, GoDaddy Payments,, or Amazon Pay account. The steps for connecting a payment processor will vary slightly depending on the processor but will always be a few clicks. No coding is required.

The general flow for connecting all payment processors is

Settings Payments Processor (Stripe, PayPal, Square, …) Connect

Connecting Stripe

  1. Settings Payments Stripe

  2. Click "Connect with Stripe"

  3. The button will redirect to Stripe's website, prompting you to go through Stripe's connect account flow.

    Enter your Stripe business email and click continue.

  4. Once you have connected your Stripe account, the website will redirect to PeachPay's settings dashboard, and you should see a prompt:

    You've successfully connected your Stripe account

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