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Configure recommended products in Express Checkout
Configure recommended products in Express Checkout

Configure upsells, cross-sells, and other related products

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Choose Recommended Products to Show

WooCommerce upsell and cross-sell

Include upsell and cross-sell items you have configured in your WooCommerce product settings. You can find more information Here.

Automatic Recommendations

Choose to recommend items by category, tags, or attributes.

Choose number of products to to display.

Exclude specific items via taxonomy ID's

Manual Recommendations

Add products manually to the recommended products list.

Choose How Recommendations appear in the checkout window

Display recommended products as a mini slider

You can edit the Header Text that appears above the recommended items in the PeachPay checkout window. The default value is Recommended for you

Choose how products appear on product page

Display related products in the product page

Enable auto-slider

Auto scroll through recommended items.

Number of products to display for product detail page

Choose how many items appear in the related products section.

Heading Text

Edit the heading for the related products section. The default is Related Products.

One - Click - Upsell

Enable One-Click Upsells

Enables a pop-up that recommends a product based on the settings.


Choose between 3 options on when the Pop Up is triggered.

Products(s) To Display Upsell On

Enable upsell item on all items. If left unchecked you can select what items you would like to upsell on.

Product To Upsell

Select what product will be upsold or displayed in the popup window.
See the example below of what this looks like using the selected Blue Hoodie.


Alter the appearance and text of the headers, product description, accept button text, and decline button text.


The settings also has a preview to see what the pop-up will look like that updates in real time.

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