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Try payments before going live with Test Mode
Try payments before going live with Test Mode

Want to make sure your Stripe and Paypal are set up properly? Read this article to see how to use our built in Test Mode.

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Test Mode

PeachPay has built-in functionality that allows you as the admin to test PeachPay's functionality on your store. When test mode is enabled only admins will be able to see the PeachPay checkout button allowing you to test features without your shoppers seeing.

Making a Test Purchase

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin account

  2. Navigate to the PeachPay settings

  3. Click the Payment tab. In the Payment section, under General, enable "Test mode". Do not forget to click save, otherwise, test mode won’t be enabled! For more information please see the payment tab documentation.

  4. After that return to your store. Make sure you are still logged in as an administrator, otherwise you will not be able to see the PeachPay checkout button.

  5. Locate the PeachPay button and click to begin the checkout process. Notice as the window opens the test mode banner on top and around the checkout window.

  6. Enter information as necessary, and to make a payment, use the

    Card number 4242 4242 4242 4242
    with any future date and CVC. (This purchase will appear in your dashboard so make sure to not actually fulfill the order.)

  7. You have made your first test purchase, congratulations! Now you can do whatever you want with this order. You can even test PeachPay refunds by going to the order, clicking refund, and using the refund through PeachPay option.

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