1. Languages

PeachPay supports a variety of languages. You can select one from the dropdown menu. Currently, PeachPay supports the following languages:

Additional Information

  • If there are any issues with translation PeachPay will default back to English.

  • PeachPay settings are not affected by changes in language in the settings.

2. Support Message

A support message can be added that will be displayed when a customer is prompted to select their payment type. It will be displayed as shown below. The support message has a limited amount of HTML formatting. Currently the tags: a, br, h1, h3, h4, h5, p, div, li, ul, ol, s, pan are supported.

3. Enable Order Notes

Toggle the ability to add an order note when checking out. Order notes can be added to the checkout window as shown below. Order notes utilize the WooCommerce order notes functionality allowing order notes to appear in your WordPress dashboard and WooCommerce dashboard.

4. Remove Data on Uninstall

Toggle to remove settings and data when PeachPay is uninstalled.

5. Display Product Images

Display product images in the checkout window.

6. Enable Quantity Changer

Display the quantity changer next to the items in the checkout window order summary.

7. Hide Shipping and Billing Fields for Virtual Products

If the cart only has virtual products, do not show the shipping and billing address fields.

8. Google Maps Auto Complete

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