Installing PeachPay

How to install PeachPay on your WooCommerce store

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Before you onboard with PeachPay, it is necessary to install the WooCommerce plugin within your store/WordPress site. At this point in the development process of your store, you, as a merchant, have decided that you want a convenient e-commerce function to centralize the checkout process for consumers. Below are the following steps in order to install PeachPay:

  1. Download the PeachPay for WooCommerce plugin by navigating to your store’s WordPress dashboard, then Plugins > Add New > search for PeachPay, and click Install.

  2. Activate the PeachPay Plugin

  3. A prompt will appear after activation. Give the plugin permission to access your store’s API. This is necessary for placing orders. Click Approve to continue.

  4. After activating the plugin and approving access, you will go through the onboarding flow, where you can connect payment methods and get started.

  5. After connecting a payment method, PeachPay will be ready to go live in your store.


Onboarding with PeachPay is a brief and simple process that should take no longer than five minutes. This will allow you to officially register with PeachPay and choose an appropriate plan for your business.

  1. Verify that you agree to enable non-sensitive data sharing with PeachPay. If you understand these conditions, check the box and “Continue with PeachPay.”

  2. The next step is optional and for strictly customer service. This information allows PeachPay to be able to assist you in a quicker manner. If you prefer not to share the following information, you may skip this step.

  3. The final screen of the onboarding process requires you to choose which type of plan you would like to use with PeachPay. You may choose the free or premium option depending on your needs. Keep in mind that the free option lacks a lot of PeachPay’s most valuable features. If you choose the premium option, you will be taken to a screen so that you can enter your credit card information for monthly (or annual) payments.

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